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MOTU has to get VI handling (and CPU usage) on point NOW...

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Re: MOTU has to get VI handling (and CPU usage) on point NOW

Postby nk_e » Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:37 pm

MIDI Life Crisis wrote:Oh, of course, piracy is never an issue, is it?

Really guys, you're over reacting. My view is not only a logical conclusion in many instances, it is the truth. We've seen it many times over. That you don't like it in the sunlight is another issue.

It's easier to remain silent or attack the messenger than it is to speak truth. I'm sorry some find the conclusion so abhorrent. And hey, it is ONLY MY OPINION. get over it and dispense with the dramatics.

Gotta say I agree with you here. EVERYBODY can just take it down a notch (self included).

Look. The point of the original post was acknowledged and validated by many: DP's VI handling could be improved. Others feel that it works just fine for their needs. Still others await the coming of 64 bit as a possible salve.

"It's all good."

Folks for whom the VI stuff doesn't work as well as they need can seek out other DAWS or tools like VEPro5. Folks for whom it does work are busy making music in DP. Why these things so often take a nasty turn is really curious.

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Re: MOTU has to get VI handling (and CPU usage) on point NOW

Postby MIDI Life Crisis » Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:53 pm

Just for the record, kids, I posted the earlier comments from my iPhone and could not see yours sigs. If you list a lot of plugs or DAWs and thought I was talking to you, I was not. It was a general observation. I was not accusing ANYONE of piracy nor inferring that one bit - specifically. What prompted my comment was this:

frankf wrote:How do you all find the time to check out all these DAWs?

It was an extension of that observation/question and nothing else. If any of you were personally offended:


If you don't like my observation or have an issue with it, that's cool too. I appreciate your passion more than you can know. Passion is a good thing. :love:
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Re: MOTU has to get VI handling (and CPU usage) on point NOW

Postby BKK-OZ » Wed Jul 04, 2012 2:25 am

I'm no kid, thanx.
I am a fully grown adult, and I prefer to be treated as such and related to as such.
Kinda don't like the patronizing tone, but I am more interested in the topic than in such behaviour.

In terms of the topic, I would be very interested to hear from others about particular VI's that are problematic w/DP - I mentioned two in an earlier post, Absynth and Cronox, are there others?

Is there a common thread in terms of where the underlying problems are coming from?

Is it RAM handling, CPU (calculating?), or disk-streaming, or ???

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Re: MOTU has to get VI handling (and CPU usage) on point NOW

Postby dpg4macman » Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:43 am

For the record - I've been test driving SIv2 now for a few projects - I actually like the program and it does most things well - however, I have to make a choice to upgrade to S1v2pro or DP8 - my choice became very clear after a close look into S1 and researching the forums for a couple of months then realizing how much more superior DP is at most things - track comping, pitch correction (the ARA integration with Melodyne to me is only a selling tool - I found it to be more cpu taxing and cumbersome) I admit the VI's included in S1 are much better than DP's included VI's - but I use several different third party VI's so not a big selling point for me. I own the Artist version S1 and I will on occasion dive in and play around - but for serious sessions I will be using my DP.

Just my 2 cents,


PS: There are a lot of things S1 is lacking IMO - It has a lot of issues (one being "random cpu spikes" using VI's that I believe have yet to be corrected along with several other major issues - If you don't believe me just check out the user forum - another is using a VI that allows one instance for several different MIDI tracks_you have to load the VI for every instrument - if you use Sampletank with a sizable sample library that not only limits you for ram but takes what seems forever for it to load over and over again - just doesn't make since to me DP just blows it out of the water for this and many other things - track comping being a major one - list goes on... Not saying I didn't like the work flow - just buggy and lacking
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