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MOTU 828MkII and noise

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Discussion related to installation, configuration and use of MOTU hardware such as MIDI interfaces, audio interfaces, etc. with Windows

MOTU 828MkII and noise

Postby StabMe » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:52 am


I use an MkII as an audio interface for my multi-way audio system.
Basically, i use a program called AudioMulch, which gets virtually routed signal from an audio player, splits it into three pairs (Sub, midbass, tweeter) which are then bein sent to MOTU analog outputs.

The problem i am having is high noise level. So, when i start up Audio Mulch and open up the saved preset i instantly hear white (or pink?) noise in my midbass and tweeter speakers. It is not super loud, it is well below the material that i listen through this system, but it is there and it is very distracting.

To control the volume of the music, i use the media player application. In Audio Mulch, output levels are set in the way, that tweeter is set at 0dB and then midbass and sub are set a bit lower to match the overall level. Gains on the amps are somewhere in the middle position on all three amps.

So the noise must be coming from the interface itself. And it starts, as already stated, right in the moment when i start AudioMulch. BTW, the noise level (with music turned off) reacts to level controls on the analog outputs.

So, should i be setting output levels lower? Will i be compromising the resolution (bits)?

P.S. Sorry for my questions if they seems stupid. Not a pro, use it as a hobby and in a bit different application than most of the guys here.
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Re: MOTU 828MkII and noise

Postby HCMarkus » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:00 am

I know nothing about Audio Mulch. That said, generally, you want to keep signal in the digital domain at or as close to full code as possible (to maintain resolution) and reduce level in the analog domain at your amps (to reduce noise). The 828mkII is a +4 output device; it is possible your amps are calibrated to the consumer -10 level. This could result in excessive noise. You might try setting your amp input levels lower and increasing levels for those pesky maids and highs in your computer.
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