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9.5 save bug and errors

For seeking technical help with Digital Performer and/or plug-ins on MacOS.

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This forum is for seeking solutions to technical problems involving Digital Performer and/or plug-ins on MacOS, as well as feature requests, criticisms, comparison to other DAWs.

Re: 9.5 save bug and errors

Postby mikehalloran » Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:00 am

labman wrote:
bayswater wrote:coal powered iMac


I also have one of those — the last one with the SATA ll bus, usb 2 and no Thunderbolt.

I’m amazed that, between Mac OS improvements, maxing the RAM and installing a 2T SSD, mine runs circles around the way it was when brand new in 2010... much faster and quieter with far less heat... the fans rarely get above a whisper.

My reasons for wanting a new one next year have a lot to do with my aging eyes. The prospect of a sharper 5K display is the driving force. While I’m at it, some VIs do place a load on the CPU so more horsepower and additional RAM capacity will be nice.
July 2010 iMac 2.93G i7 Quad, OWC eSATA mod, 32G RAM, OS 10.13.1
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Re: 9.5 save bug and errors

Postby kurtl » Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:54 pm

David Polich wrote:The “chirp/crackle/stutter” thing now happens
on my system every time I Save while Play is
engaged. It is getting pretty darn annoying,
especially when tracking with a
scares the vocalist.

I’m sure others have submitted a tech support
bug report about this, but I am going to submit
one tomorrow anyway. Previous versions of DP
never exhibited this problem.

It's the only reason I can't use 9.5.1 yet. Yup it freaks out my clients.
DP 9.5.1, OSX 10.11.6, MacPro 2.8/8 10gigs RAM, 2408Mk3, 2408Mk2, 2 Fastlanes, 2-UAD2 solos, Machfive 2/3.2.1, MSI, BFD3
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Re: 9.5 save bug and errors

Postby James Steele » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:12 pm

waterstrum wrote:I'm with you on the Save while playing bug.
I've had the same experience while saving when playing back a new take for clients.
They say... "What was that? Is our file O.K.?"
Only a big deal because DP never did this before.
I am a frequent and constant saver, so this impacts my workflow.

It's amazing to think it wasn't that long ago that DP didn't save while playing and you had to save when stopped. I remember the big debate here on the board with some saying this was a "must have" feature and others saying "what's the big deal?' It's just funny that once we have a new feature, it's like we have never lived without it before. What was tolerable before is now intolerable.

Anyway, apart from those meaningless rambling observations, I do know that MOTU is aware and working on a solution for it. When that will come, I have no idea. | Dean Guitars | Facebook | Google+ | Twitter

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Re: 9.5 save bug and errors

Postby waterstrum » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:31 am

Yes, James, I agree that I have been spoiled by DP's 'save on play' feature.

Didn't have it in the earlier versions of DP and when it came out I was very happy.
It is a wonderful thing.
Mostly just to save my butt if something goes wrong.
In really busy sessions, I do the save command very often.
I've been burnt a few times with crashes and I am programmed to hit save at every opportunity.

Beyond that,,,
I'm grateful that MOTU is continuing to support DP.

Best DAW on the planet!
All is well
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